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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello, its been awhile, life has had its ups and downs laterly, I have been busy back creating for the markets and I just reopened my ebay shop and on a different note, My dad has been in and out of hospital with his leukemia and as a result found he had colon cancer and skin cancer, Its been a long continuing battle with the leukemia but the others were a surprise. Thankfully they removed his colon cancer and the skin cancers are being removed. I have got faith that he will pull through and be around for a little while yet. On a different note I have got some photos to share with you, of some new shades I have just listed on ebay. Take care till next time xx Tania

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  1. Hi Tania! I am really sorry to hear about your father's health and hope for your family that you all will be able to enjoy much more time with him. My father's gone and my mother's health has recently started to fail, but like you, I am hoping for more time to enjoy her. It's too hard to think of not having her here, as i know you feel that way about your dad.
    Your lampshades are so beautiful Tania! Good luck at the markets!
    I also LOVED seeing your brother's lovely property. His hard work looks wonderful!
    hugs from here...



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