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Saturday, March 13, 2010

New wall art.

I have loved this piece of fabric for awhile. Its the last off cut from some outdoor cushion covers i made. I also have had some old moldings that i collect from recyclers that i new would come in use someday. So last night while stareing  at the piece of fabric it hit me. Add some sparkling rhinestones, and glitter fabric paint, and tada, my new wall art.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love o linens..

I love freshly washed , crisp linens, ( sadly mine are not ). I just pulled these out of my cupboard to swap over with my others, there so pretty, my camera doesnt do them justice. There mostly napkins, these above are guest hand towels.

This picture above is a vintage food cover.

Coffee cream coloured napkins, all of these came from thift shops.

This last one sorry terrible photo shots is a vintage handkerchief. Its doesnt look it but its jet black with the deepest red roses, my favourite. Hope your all having a wonderful week.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wallaby in my garden

Woke up to the most beautiful day today after weeks of drizzly rain only to find the culprit responsible for stripping my roses and cherry blossom back to bare stems. We used to have one come round that we were hand feeding but now we drive them away as they ruin the garden. So while i was outside i took some photos of blooms that were left in my garden.

The gardens are so out of control with weeds, that the cooler months ahead will see me in the garden most of the time getting it back in order.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Made from the heart

Im going to have a go at selling at the markets very soon and im heading to mt tambourine markets to do that. It attracts many tourist and is such a beautiful place. So i have been very busy making allsorts of treasures, I will share them with you over the coming days. Here are some scented vanilla hearts i made for my ebay store.

Im made them from vintage lace doilys, there so rustic, they would look great hanging from a door handle. I have some many ideas as to how i can set up stall. I will take photos to show you all.
Enjoy your day...


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