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Friday, February 19, 2010

Creamy roast butternut pumpkin is served

I  couldnt believe my luck today when i walked past a thrift shop and this soup serving bowl was on a table out the front for $8 what a bargain.

I love the colours they are so me, and of course the roses on the front and back.

The beautiful detail of the handles...

You have to excuse this freelaoding fly thats the heat of australia for you lol.

I have another soup server thats shaped like a pumpkin, so i think that one will have to go on ebay to make room for my new beautiful. Have a great weekend..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Made in france

I love the detail and the colour

Some time back I was browsing through ebay at wine glasses and came across pink swirl glasses that were made in france. I fell in love with them and threw a bid on. I missed out on the glasses as the bids were way to high needless to say i was so disappointed. They came up again sometime later and the same thing happened again. I just gave up on looking after that. Then just recently I took another look and there they were all sparkling and pretty and no-one had bid on them, So i became the winning bidder and they just arrived accouple of days ago.

I bought a matching water jug sometime back as well. There are great quality glass.
We have had abit of rain laterly, and im certainly loving it as its made the weather abit cooler. Autumn isnt far away i can fell a change in the air. And im sure for those in the snow you must be looking forward to spring by now as i am of winter.


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