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Thursday, September 9, 2010

New umbrella and spring flowers

This is my latest umbrella i made and it is sold. In the coming weeks i will be making several more and some other designs which i will share. I wish i could make this my full time job, im juggling this contract work for another company{which pays weekly} and kids etc etc... Ahhh the joys of life.

I love these colour combo"s at the moment. I have been making alot of white cushions curtains etc but i still find myself drawn to the good old girlie pink.

These are some pictures of my garden in flower at the moment. I love this time of the year the birth of my garden, watching each new bud burst into life, It make me feel alive. My garden is only 5 years old i cant wait for it to be really mature.

This is were my kids sand pit used to be. I planted the wisteria in the middle of it to provide some shade down the track but found them hardly using it so away it went, so my idea is to turn it into a wisteria tree.

Till next time, Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I"m off to an eco expo...

He;;o all. Its been a few weeks since my last post. These are some older photos of a past project.
Place mats with cutlery holder.

I was asked recently if i would be interested in holding a stall in an eco expo to display my creations. Mainly my umbrellas, but i will make a few other things to fill in the space. I am so excited my first show. I have so many ideas screaming at me I just dont no were to start. Its the 7th of november which really isnt to much time to get things prepared. My sons school is the venue. They had there first last year and it attracted just over 80 stalls this year it will be advertised on tv and will bring in alot more.

I love making everything by hand. I would really love to create things down the track that doesnt involve much sewing as i have been sewing now for over 22 years in industrial work and my hands are starting to really feel it.

Anyways, as i create i will show you all, until next time,
Take care Tina.


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