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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bed crown with a twist.


Hello everyone, Its so good to be back posting. I went into someones blog a few weeks back and my computer was attacked by viruses. We havent been able to Fix it and in fact still havent. I bought another mouse this morning and for some reason the computer has  been ok. So im making the most of my good fortune and posting while i can. In someones its been a blessing as i have been able to get some projects done.

First of all i got an old lamp shade and cut one side so i could open it up into a half circle.
Then it was covered in rose fabric and trim and I completed it with tiny rhinestones and lace trim.

The net is held in place with safety pins. This allows for it to be removed and washed.

Im sure there is  a neater way to do this. Its  one problem i need to work on. there ribbon glued to the back at the top and this holds the crown up and on the wall when its tyed in a knot or bow and hung on hooks. I love the end results. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Ive got some blogs to catch up with.


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