Creating from Linen, upcycling from vintage and loving Romantic, French and country styles.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Im back in the creating mood again. 
For a while I started to worry
But then it happened
Spring arrived
and it was like a light had
been turned on. 

This over the shoulder market 
tote is mine, but
I have some cut out
and will be made up for
etsy very soon.
Please come back to check them out.

Im linking up with Cindy
at My romantic home  http://romantichome.blogspot.com.au

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I was up so early this morning and it is such a gorgeous day. We had fog laying in the valley between the mountains, and the sweet smell of the wisteria wofting through the air, it makes me smile. So off I went and grabbed my camera and was pleasantly surprized with the photos this morning,

There are alot of photos in this post, so bare with me, lol. Look at the spider web behind the little apple tree, it looks amazing with the dew on it.

This geese was a birthday present from my husband, I will buy another 2 . They just have the right amount of rust.

I have a few lavender plant around my garden. I harvest there flowers and dry them for sachets.

This little angel lays beneath a magnolia we planted when I lost my baby 2 years back, Isnt she sweet, my husband and I both found her at a little shop and decided she would watch over a our little cherub.

I found this rusty beauty on a side walk collect and sent hubby back for it, Again just the perfect rust amount.


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