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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My new bling..

I wonted to try my hand at making rosettes, so i gave it a go and made several of them. There not only easy to make but look good to. So i made this necklace out of some and im going to  make acouple more projects with the rest, those i will share soon.

I added this beaded drop to complete the look.

I think i made the bead chain alittle long, Im going to take some beads off to short'n it and then i think it will sit up higher and look nicer. The possibilitys are endless with these rosettes.
We are going to start our extention to our place very soon, I cant wait its been along time coming. We live in a double shed that has an extra extention on the front now were going to add to the sides to complete it and finally make it into a cottage home. The process im sure will be long but worth it in the end then i can share with you the results of my new home.

Cheers tina

P.S Ive made the pictures alittle to big if you click on them you will get to see the whole thing.

A little romance...

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful week. I found these tea light holders at a bargain shop or $2 shop. I couldnt believe my eyes, I fell in love with the rose pattern instantly, and to make them look even better they had been reduced down to $1.95 each, They made a swift leap from shelf into my basket and now there my new love..

I just love them. We are receiving some much needed rain today, I just put a new lining into my redesigned pond yesterday so it was perfect timing. Have a nice evening.
Love tina...


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