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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Countdown to christmas..

With christmas fast approaching I thought it would be lovely for my boys to start the month off with a little something each day. I filled each little stocking with treats of lollies, stickers and tiny toys, just to add to the magic of the big day..

Just for this year I have strung them across a picture frame. Next year I think i will make a banner with them. I attached them onto ribbon with small safety pins so they can be removed.
Next up I have made up 5 umbrellas that Im going to upload on my madeit store, please pop over for a look I will be adding some other stuff as well. Here is some pictures of the garden parasols for sale..

Ok I have just tried to download some more photos and it wont allow me to do it;. So I guess i will not be showing you the umbrellas this post. Will try again tomorrow.

Till then, take care Tina


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