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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Queen of QUEENS IS HERE...

Im so excited Oprah arrived in Australia this morning. To catch just a glimpse of her would be a dream, but sadly i live to far away. Her travels will bring her to Byron Bay about 45 minutes away but no-one no's what day that will be not even the guests that came with her, Its all a surprise.
She is an amazing women. Her shows have brought me smiles, laughter and at times tears. Which Im  sure she has touched so many of your hearts to. I wish her well and I no that they will enjoy there time here.
God bless you oprah you are my mentor.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Countdown to christmas..

With christmas fast approaching I thought it would be lovely for my boys to start the month off with a little something each day. I filled each little stocking with treats of lollies, stickers and tiny toys, just to add to the magic of the big day..

Just for this year I have strung them across a picture frame. Next year I think i will make a banner with them. I attached them onto ribbon with small safety pins so they can be removed.
Next up I have made up 5 umbrellas that Im going to upload on my madeit store, please pop over for a look I will be adding some other stuff as well. Here is some pictures of the garden parasols for sale..

Ok I have just tried to download some more photos and it wont allow me to do it;. So I guess i will not be showing you the umbrellas this post. Will try again tomorrow.

Till then, take care Tina

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New frilly bag..

Just a quick post to share with you a new bag I just made. I love pink and white and frills and they all went together just beautifully, don't you think.!. My how christmas is fast approaching. I have the trees up but are not decorated as yet. This weekend i think. I just love xmas, Im looking forward to doing my little cottage up.

                                                    Until next time, Take care

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eco expo..

I must warn you all first, there are alot of pictures in this post{but im sure you all will not mind}.

Today was our eco expo and school fund raising event. I was really hoping it would be an amazing sunny day but it wasnt to be, we opted instead to go under cover in front of the school library. It was a slow steady day{ was hoping for more people traffic but it was the weekend of our  town show and i guess thats were the crowds were} Next year we hope will be a different weekend because it still was a plesant day anyway. So without further  ado Here are the pictures.

 This is my sister inlaws stall. She was right beside me It was a great day spent with them. Yvette makes these gorgeous pin boards and chalk boards. This green one is a chalk board as well isnt the colour fabulous. Its porters chalk board paint... Ive got to have me some of that lol.... Yvettes business is called In the raw and she will have a web site up and running very soon.

Well I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend. Now that the show is over its time to get my christmas  craft organized. I just love christmas.

                                    So until next time take care,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Am i going to frilly?....

What gorgeous days we have been having, with the hint of a storm in the afternoon and even some afternoons a refreshing shower to cool the warm days. I just love spring. Today i finished covering this umbrella with a new frilly design, just abit different. Thats one down and 3 more to cover this week. The eco expo has come around fast and i have been abit relaxed laterly..

This one is sideways so sorry about that..

These are just acouple of pictures of some spring flowers in my garden. This one is called teacup and saucers. I so love these they come in pinks to.

This is a window box with some lovely little pansys, they are crossed with a viola, so they are small dainty flowers. The photo below has a hidden beauty watching over the growing little angel faced pansy's.

This should have been at the top with the other umbrella photos.
Its made in such a lovely crisp white fabric. I think this design will look charming in a floral as well.
Until next time take care.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A new online store

Yesterday was a great day at the fair. It was raining and pouring outside but we set up in the local hall. Ive taken some photos of my stall. It wasnt great
lighting inside as it was overcast.

And I have just opened my new online store through madeit, the link is on my sidebar. I think i will shut down my ebay store soon as i get more time. I will however add some more items to my new store tomorrow.

                                                        For now take care
                                                                Until next time Tina

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spring Fair tomorrow..

Its raining its pouring. Its the spring fair tomorrow and im off to set up a stall, unfortunantly the rain has moved it into a hall this year. Its so pretty when its set up in the street of tyalgum nsw. I have made so much stuff to sell and display, so be sure to check back monday and i will share the photos with you and add some new stuff to my ebay store.

                                                  For now take care

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Morning shades...

Early morning shots of my new umbrellas, I thought the photos would have come out alittle better than these. Think i need a new camera..

This one is my favourite one of all. I loved the colour combination..

So much to do with so little time, Enjoy your day.
                                                             Till next time


Friday, September 24, 2010

New from old...

Have you had pieces of furniture that you just didnt like anymore, and thought it was time for them to find a new home? Well thats how  this cupboard started  out. The top part a display cabinet, just under eye level height. It was stained a dark brown and had queen ann legs. Loved it when I was into dark wood furniture, but laterly i have had enough of it and cleaned it up to sell. Then it hit me I need a new cupboard for my craft goods. The bottom part is my computer storage cupboard. A bit of paint and sometime down the track some new handles and the end result speaks for itself. I love it and to think it was on its way out the door. The other pictures are of a plant stand i found at the local recycle shop. I havent done anything to it except add my gorgeous old birdcage ontop of it. I have some more umbrellas complete and will share them with you tomorrow. I am linking  up with Cindy, from My romantic home tonight. Till then, have a wonderful evening or day were ever you may be.

                                                                  Take care


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