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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things that make me smile

Its raining its pouring, thank the lord we so needed this down pour which we have been getting for the last few days, i just love it. We are living in what i call my cottage shed. The rain sounds amazing on the tin roof. So i was sitting today thinking of things apart from my family that make me smile.
Peonies make me smile(just photos though as i cant grow them here, its alittle warm)
Water fountains would make anyone smile, the amazing sound of trickling water
Aren't these papers gorgeous. I love these colours.
Im so in love with chandeliers, I have a box of them and scouncers that i will do up someday soon.
And lastly a rock wall,maybe several will be nice in my garden. Hope your having a great weekend.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Patio/Garden Umbrellas

Up for sale is this gorgeous umbrella i created and finished today. Unfortunately i have discovered acouple of small marks on the frill which i cant remove. As i result i have reduced the price. I loved the end result there will be more to come, each will be one of a kinds unless i can get  enough fabric to do another the same. I will be selling again on ebay australia. International buyers welcome.
Its made mostly from cotton blend fabrics and lace. Will be making them in an asortment of colours if they sell well, strips with florals etc


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