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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Its early monday morning the 25th of november. One month till christmas,
and this morning I am going to tackle my christmas decorating while
the family sleep. This year it feels like christmas just snuck up on me.
Generally have have decos up by now, carols playing and the christmas
baking started. I just loving dragging every minute out of this festive season.

Here are some of the decos to adorn the tree.

I will be back with more holiday decorating, Till then take care,


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Its beginning to feel alot like christmas,
Im enjoying pinterest and all
its christmas ideas.
I am looking forward to it this year more so
as my youngest is a christmas fanatic like myself.
The past 2 months we have been in 
full song carol mode much to the dislike
of my eldest son.
I have been busy making and preparing 
christmas deco's.
But before I share those I have been making 
furniture, now Im no carpenter by all means,
But I love the hammer and nails, I whipped up
this book stand from a bedside cupboard adn the top
I just made from recycled 
timber lying around.

                                                                        Theres not much of anything I wont try,
                                                             The draw I had to make as the original
                                                             was missing. Its alittle on the rustic side,
                                                            but I love it and think it works well with this piece.

I will be back soon with decos to share ,,
till then take care.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

New totes now listed

Just listed 2 new totes.
It has been a very productive weekend.
The boys have been wanting a man shed.
We had an old shed that I have slowly
been converting. 
Im happy with it so far
And im sure the boys are too.

I hope you have all had an amazing weekend.

Till next time

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 Each year I pick my lavender for drying 
and using it for lavender bags.
Its not the best lavender
For cutting and drying,
It smells amazing and works
just the same.

A random photo from a gorgeous nursery.

My new little bundle of joy.
A boy named Cheeks.
He is about 6 weeks.

I no he looks so incredibly uncomfitable,
But he was such a good sport
and was only in the tea cup 
for just acouple of minutes.

I will be back later this week 
with new tote designs for etsy.
Have a great week.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Im back in the creating mood again. 
For a while I started to worry
But then it happened
Spring arrived
and it was like a light had
been turned on. 

This over the shoulder market 
tote is mine, but
I have some cut out
and will be made up for
etsy very soon.
Please come back to check them out.

Im linking up with Cindy
at My romantic home  http://romantichome.blogspot.com.au

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I was up so early this morning and it is such a gorgeous day. We had fog laying in the valley between the mountains, and the sweet smell of the wisteria wofting through the air, it makes me smile. So off I went and grabbed my camera and was pleasantly surprized with the photos this morning,

There are alot of photos in this post, so bare with me, lol. Look at the spider web behind the little apple tree, it looks amazing with the dew on it.

This geese was a birthday present from my husband, I will buy another 2 . They just have the right amount of rust.

I have a few lavender plant around my garden. I harvest there flowers and dry them for sachets.

This little angel lays beneath a magnolia we planted when I lost my baby 2 years back, Isnt she sweet, my husband and I both found her at a little shop and decided she would watch over a our little cherub.

I found this rusty beauty on a side walk collect and sent hubby back for it, Again just the perfect rust amount.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I just finished an umbrella for a client in melbourne, and Im very pleased with the end result. The fabrics were picked by her and are a great combination.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just playing around with collages, some random pictures around my home..

Till next time


Monday, July 2, 2012

A new pendant lamp shade, ready for etsy.

I have made it from Linen and has been upcycled from an old lamp shade.

The rage roses are freying nicely

All hand beaded with jewery wire.

                                      I think it would suite a reading nook, or girls room.

                                        On a different note, I have been having so much fun with
                                            pinterest like so many of us, pop over and have a look

                                       at my boards if you get a chance...

                          Till next time.....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sleeping through the winter months
are so many plants...

Except the beauty
of this shrub...

                                                                     I dont no her name
                                                                   But she has the most abundant blooms
                                                                         this time of the year
                                                                        while others sleep....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lounge Room Vignettes..

I have been doing some autumn cleaning and rearranging. Twice a year we have a street collection, so we get the opotunity to clean out rubbish and old furnishing . Sometimes its even a great time to collect some treasures that others dont want. I was unlucky this time to find anything.

Here are some photos of my changed lounge room. I love to rearrange furniture, especially this time of the year to make it more cosy.

My faux mantel, Simply gathered old pieces and created.

Some frames awaiting transformation.

I bought these little bottles for only $3 each, I think they will end up in the bathroom,eventually but for now they can stay on the mantel..

Until next time


Im linking up with Cindy From My romantic home


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