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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Its beginning to feel alot like christmas,
Im enjoying pinterest and all
its christmas ideas.
I am looking forward to it this year more so
as my youngest is a christmas fanatic like myself.
The past 2 months we have been in 
full song carol mode much to the dislike
of my eldest son.
I have been busy making and preparing 
christmas deco's.
But before I share those I have been making 
furniture, now Im no carpenter by all means,
But I love the hammer and nails, I whipped up
this book stand from a bedside cupboard adn the top
I just made from recycled 
timber lying around.

                                                                        Theres not much of anything I wont try,
                                                             The draw I had to make as the original
                                                             was missing. Its alittle on the rustic side,
                                                            but I love it and think it works well with this piece.

I will be back soon with decos to share ,,
till then take care.


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