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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Patio/Garden Umbrellas

Up for sale is this gorgeous umbrella i created and finished today. Unfortunately i have discovered acouple of small marks on the frill which i cant remove. As i result i have reduced the price. I loved the end result there will be more to come, each will be one of a kinds unless i can get  enough fabric to do another the same. I will be selling again on ebay australia. International buyers welcome.
Its made mostly from cotton blend fabrics and lace. Will be making them in an asortment of colours if they sell well, strips with florals etc


  1. Hello, what a nice surprise to come over from my friend Ann's blog and see you have me listed on your side bar. I'll be back to visit more, Theresa BTW, love the umbrella cover you made.

  2. Gorgeous! But what if it rains? Do you replace 'em with water-proof ones? Whether it's sunny or rainy, you could still hang out in your patios. Just be sure that you've got umbrellas around to keep you from getting wet..



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