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Friday, September 24, 2010

New from old...

Have you had pieces of furniture that you just didnt like anymore, and thought it was time for them to find a new home? Well thats how  this cupboard started  out. The top part a display cabinet, just under eye level height. It was stained a dark brown and had queen ann legs. Loved it when I was into dark wood furniture, but laterly i have had enough of it and cleaned it up to sell. Then it hit me I need a new cupboard for my craft goods. The bottom part is my computer storage cupboard. A bit of paint and sometime down the track some new handles and the end result speaks for itself. I love it and to think it was on its way out the door. The other pictures are of a plant stand i found at the local recycle shop. I havent done anything to it except add my gorgeous old birdcage ontop of it. I have some more umbrellas complete and will share them with you tomorrow. I am linking  up with Cindy, from My romantic home tonight. Till then, have a wonderful evening or day were ever you may be.

                                                                  Take care


  1. Hi Tina, the cupboard looks great. I have lots of pieces here at home that need to be painted, finding the time is the hard part. You should be very happy with yours. Have a great week, talk soon!

  2. Love what you did with the cabinet, I'll be painting my hoosier soon and dread it:) also like the plant stand with the birdcage!



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