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Thursday, July 15, 2010

New garden umbrella

Hello ladies, I hope you have all had an amazing week. Last weekend i went to mt tambourine for some garden therapy. I have wanted a double pink almond blossom tree for alittle while now and i found a bare root one that day im excited, I just hope its cool enough here for it to grow well.. My sister in-law and myself was talking to a lovely nursery lady up there and she was sharing her journey to monets gardens with us. Sounds amazing, every gardeners dream....One day... Anyway I have made another garden umbrella aweek ago that i need to put on my ebay store but thought i would share it with you first. Upon making it i realized its smaller then the others I have made, Still very sweet though..

I have been busy cleaning up a couple of boxes of old chandies and scounces. I plan on painting them white and adding crystals to some and beads and pearls on others, as i create i will share with you.
Have a great weekend and thanks for your comments i love to read them.


  1. Hi Tina,
    These are so cool, I'm crazy about the variety of patterns you use just for one.... I love the mixing..... actually I like to do that on clothing too. They look very nice and they can really dress up an area.... romantic and very girlie like atmosphere! I can tell you enjoy sewing.... I wish I can borrow you for awhile... that is one thing I don't do is SEW.

    Thanks for sharing-

  2. Hi Tina, I'll have to look into what an almond blossom tree looks like, I think I bought a cherry blossom tree a couple of months ago, which I still haven't planted, but I know it looks stunning when in bloom. I'd say they'd be very similar. Your umbrella is so pretty, that would look so lovely outside, come spring. I can see you love gardening, so do I, it really relaxes me and I love going for walkabouts when everything is in bloom. Bring on spring!! take care, Maryann

  3. Your umbrella is so pretty! I love it....Kathy

  4. Love your umbrella....bring on Spring!I can picture a table and chairs set up underneath with the prettiest china and some flowers from the garden.Mmmm!

  5. Hi Tina
    I just discovered your blog through Lucinda's...oh my goodness, I love your Umbrella's, how gorgeous they are, I can just imagine sitting under one on a summers day, sipping a cold drink.
    Gail ~~

  6. Just ADORE your blog, so pretty, like eye candy, I recognize the shelving on side with pink wall-molding from (Bella Cottage) one of my fav.
    I LOVE your umbrellas those are adorable.. Never seen anything like that, I tried to make a cover for my football cheer canopy tent.. Didnt turn out how i wanted it to. Maybe ill try again, yours is so beautiful.. Ill have to write down your blog, and post at my shop with a picture, for customers to go check them out--
    SO glad to be a new follower- love discovering creativity like that.

  7. Hi, just adore your umbrella's they are just gorgeous. Have left a message on ebay for you. Hope to talk soon!



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