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Friday, April 9, 2010


Do you ever dream of going back and marrying your husband again?
If you could have that special day again what would you change if there is anything to change what would it be?
For me it would be my wedding dress or maybe my will to loose more weight to fit into it properly. I gained a few kg's from boy number 2 and i guess i wasnt quite ready to part with it yet at any rate I had bought my gown before I found out I was pregnant, It was plain open at the back simple shoestring straps and the bottom had a layer of satin that came across the top part of the skirt down on an angle over tulle. But  because bub number 2 was coming into our world we decided to postpone the wedding for another year.
This is so adorable...

Now for the cake I was happy with mine it was a mint green three teired mudcake with embellished fabric roses and dragonflys on each teir, topped with a gorgeous gazebo housing bride and groom wedding topper. (will show some pics at a later date when i can download some onto computer). The only thing wrong with the cake was the lady was supposed to make it square not round.

Our wedding tables were covered with pink glitter and rose petals with a box of pink and white faux roses as setter piece. Each favour was a handmade miniture green and pink rose fabric/plastic covered handbag with sugared almonds inside, which I made, Now let me tell you we had 110 guests thats alot of mini handbags to make, they took weeks to do. But how orginal and cute they turned out. The guest list I would certainly change. Much much smaller and then we could afford to pay for more detail to the wedding.

Love this black and white theme. Ours was pink, mint green and white, as the bridesmaid wore gowns made by my mum One was pink the other mint green and the four flower girls, two were wearing pink the other green.

LOVE this bouquet of roses. Again I made the flowers of faux roses and lilys that flowed down with beads hanging from them. Looking back over this i dont no how i found the time to do all this and the handmade invitations to with a new baby, but that i dont think will ever change, I just love to make things and no matter how much I try to take a break from crafting and creating I just cant.

So at the end of the day i guess the main thing is we would all go back and change something on that day that we werent happy with but what really matters is the day was about each other and not material things around us.....Still wouldnt it be nice to marry our man again, something about a wedding that makes the heart flutter.


  1. I would NOT change the groom, that's for sure! But lots of other things, like the flowers, my dress, the photograper, the color scheme.....
    It's so hard to get what you want on a budget. My dress was so awful I gave it to Goodwill. I wouldn't save it for my daughter to wear, that's for sure. The thing is I would take a crummy wedding day for a lifetime of love together, that's for sure. that's all that really matters anyway, doesn't it???
    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Looking at these pictures is making me want to get married :)



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