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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Romantic Garden, where are you..

No this is not my garden, but a girl can dream.
I strolled around my garden the other day horrified with the 3 months of weed growth that lay ahead of me.
How i dream of my 4 wisterias looking like this.
It would be wonderful to snap your fingers and tada, instant garden.
I have several different camellias growing, cherry blossoms, magnolias, crabapples and an assortment of smaller bushier plants, but somehow it still doesnt look like my romantic garden. I have big ideas for our 2 and ahalf acreas, but im drowning in my 1 acre of garden.
I think the next 3 months are going to be spent planting a heap of cottage trees and shrubs and of cause the weeding.
Everyday i visualize winding paths leading to garden/potting sheds, a guest house/ studio, and some well needed garden  benches to sit awhile.
It takes so much time planning and effort but i no  oneday it will be worth it.
Garden rooms or conservatorys are a must. I love love love these...
Well easter is just around the corner, so im going to try my hand at making my own eggs this year, wish me luck. Have a wonderful evening...


  1. Hi Tina, love the pics! I love wisteria even though I don't have one yet. It takes alot of time and effort to keep a garden looking good especially if it's a big one.. I have also let my garden go and really need to do some weeding, especially in my vegie patch. It's more like a jungle right now! I'm sure one day your garden is going to look just how you want it! take care, Maryann

  2. Hi, what beautiful pictures!! Oh if only one of those gardens was mine.....Kathy

  3. Hi Tina, thank you for your comment.

    Your umbrellas...........WOW! So beautifull!

    Do you made them by handmade? Fantastic!

    Kindest Sabine

  4. Hello! Wonderful gardens and the umbrellas are really so cute.This is the first time I enter your blog, I say it´s beautiful, I like it very much. besos. Lilian.-

  5. These are lovely inspiration, Tina – I, too, have months of work, weeds and much planting to do. I only show the good parts on my blog! :) Thank you for your visit and comment and have a wonderful weekend. – g

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