Creating from Linen, upcycling from vintage and loving Romantic, French and country styles.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

 Finally here and loving Tasmania.
So much to see and the gardens are just amazing.

Tasmania, has an amazing amount of talented people all over. I cant wait to get amongst it all.
I have been also busy creating some new items, mixed media creations which is all new for me but Im
loving the results Im getting.

The photo above is a very old chair Im working on, I found it discarded on the side of the road
in a heap of pieces. She has now been put together and has a new lease on life.

Lilacs, were do I begin. I have for so long wanted to grow all these cool climate plants and now I can.
To see them all in flower is breathtaking. and they smell just as amazing as they look.

My afternoon tea awaits...


  1. Hi Tania, so nice to see you're back! Glad you're loving Tasmania and hope to see some more pics soon... take care, Maryann

    1. Thanks maryann, It has been awhile and its good to be back, thanks for stopping by.



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