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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Backyard..

My time flys when your having fun, Its been a while since my last post, and in actual fact Ihavent been having so much fun. I have been alittle done in the dumps and my whole body and joints have been aching and hurting for some time. I have been tested for rheumatoid arthritus and now i have to see a physio therapist etc, to work things out. I have had so many projects on the back burner, but now i am starting to get it together and get on with them. But first here are some photos of some resent trips to rainforest right here in my backyard. And the last are photos of some flowers I have made, some will be brooches and some have been made into childrens headbands. I will finish them off this week and add them to my etsy store.  So please enjoy and hopefully it will not be to long between posts next time. Enjoy your week..

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  1. Oh my goodness, your backyard is sooo beautiful. I can hardly imagine having such prettiness right there for my enjoyment. Hope you're feeling better soon :)



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