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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy new Year to you all. Were did last year go? Well out with the old and in with the new. I have made some resolutions that i hope to stick by...will try very hard to at the very least. This year we plan to do some renovating to our little home. Well in fact it is a double car shed that we have extented on to to make up extra room and now we are going to enclose a side veranda to use as two extra rooms and add on an extention to the front that will be my new kitchen and lounge/dining. Fingers crossed it would be great to achieve this all this year.

On a different note, I am loving this dining room above, It belongs to a very talented Sue from foxglove spires gardens this is an old farm house that she has lovingly restored. It has recently gone up for sale. Oh how i wish it was mine..

This is part of the kitchen, so sweet..

These last two pictures are back to front. The last one again is foxglove spires nursery and little shops that are part of the property up for sale. Its so adorable. I had the pleasure of a visit there 3 years back and it was magnificent to say the least. The detail and hard work that went into this property is truly amazing. And of cause the other is a photo of our home that we have to work on at the moment. There it is in all its glory its not much now but someday this caterpillar will become a butterfly. The property and views make up for what little beauty our home possess right now, but its home and its what you make of it, and as the renovations go by i will share them with you.

                                          Till next time.Take care


  1. I think living there would be a dream come true. What a heavenly beauty, Char

  2. I agree its charming and so are your umbrellas!!

  3. I LOOOOOOOVE YOUR BLOG, SUGAR!!!!! I'll be back looking soon, trust me, chickee! Oooooh, what heaven.



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