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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thank you mum...

Hello everyone, I hope all is well in your life today. A little time ago about a year and a half i bought a large amout of wool for mum to knit me a blanket throw for my bed.Well she has finished it in time for winter this year. I truly love it and no it will be treasured for many many years to come. And if that wasnt enough she bought me this geogeous throw for my bed to wow i have been spoilt.

She scolloped the edges and added crochet flowers onto it.
I have been spending a great deal of time outdoors enjoying winter gardening in preparation for spring.
I have relocated my lilac in the hopes it does better.
But I do have some smaller projects underway for my ebay store, I must say it is alittle quiet on that front. I think i need to do some markets to help promote my garden umbrellas. I want to make more, I have some many ideas with them but i dont wont to end up with a mountain of them sitting here.
I sure it will all come together soon for me.
Until next time have a lovely week ahead
Cheers Tina


  1. This is amazing! I love it!


  2. Hi Tina :) That is a beautiful and sweet blanket your mother made for you, and how sweet she also sent you the gorgeous bedspread too! They go lovely together :)

    Warmest hugs to you, Brenda

  3. It is really beautifuland warm, Ireally love the colours. besos Lilián.-



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