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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Garden umbrella number 2

I have been busy creating the next umbrella to sell on ebay, so tonight im going to open up an ebay store called oliviabellarose treasures. I have always loved the name Olivia and Isabella and of cause my love of roses so there it is a name is born. Ive been making some tote bags to. I will share those with you on another post. So without further a do lets get her out for you to see.

So the photos arent abit clearer, we are still getting abit of rain so the lighting isnt that great.

Its such a pretty pink with a gorgeous mint green and white stripped top.


  1. Lovely umbrellas! :) I live in the US and we are aching for spring around here.....we've had WAY too much snow! I have pics on my blog if you'd like to see them! :)
    Your blog is lovely, sweet and dainty...all the things a girl should love!
    I found you on Mario-dee's blog, just so ya know! :)
    Please stop in and check out my blog sometime when you get a second.
    Have a happy Friday!

  2. Hi Tina your umbrellas are beautiful i am going to go on your Ebay site to have a look. How is Daisy going? Have a great week cheryl



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